EXHIBITION Summer 2020

Aux Petits Bonheurs
An exhibition in the public space in Crest

July 11 to September 20, 2020

Aux petits bonheurs is an exhibition visible in the streets of Crest and at the Art Center throughout the summer. The exhibition consistes of images printed in serigraphy, created by 15 authors, mainly from the Drôme region – graphic designers, illustratos, cartoonists, plactic artists.

Nearly 250 large format posters are displayed in public spaces, in all districts of Crest. Locals and visitors find them haphazardly as they move around the city.

The quantity of images and the vast geographical scope covered by the exhibition make it a real graphic festival in public space, an exhibition open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At the Art Center are gathered the fifteen posters with an indepth perspective on the content of the works and the authors.

Life is full of ups and downs, it is well known. The Aux petits bonheurs chooses the height. It enthusiastically climbs sunny slopes and only turns around to see with satisfaction the path it has traveled. Its glass is always half-full. Its graphic creations smile from far or near, at pedestrians who cross them at the end of their street, at the bottom of their building, in the streets of the city center, on the quays of the Drôme, near their favorite shops ; cyclists and motorists at the bend of a crossroads, at the entrance to a parking lot, near the road. The exhibition, escaping from the walls of the art center, invests the city with its good humor and beckons everyone, young and old. Its kisses us… visually, iits pats us on the bakc… graphically.

Collective work, Aux petits bonheurs is a collection of references to the joys of everyday life. The references sometimes come from collective culture (song lyrics, film lines, literary and poetic works), sometimes from the universes of authors. With or without words, figurative of abstract, the fifteen images in the exhibition together carry a message that can be read alongside the floating period we are going through.


The authors

My Name is Wendy (Valence)

My name is Wendy was born in 2006 from the collaboration of two graphic designers, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre. This collaboration combine expertise in grpahic design and plastic art.

The studio produces graphic identities, typographies, illustrations, animations, visual concepts for the cultural world, for independant projects, small businesses and multinationals. The specific letter they apply to their creations gives them a unique and strong identity.

Jill Strong (Gigors)

After twenty years of digital infographics, Jill Strong decided in 2014 to learn how to make hand lettering, using only traditional techniques. She then studied in London and Paris, with Mike Meyer, the great American painter.

Since 2018, Jill has been providing services and also artistic lettering, often studying the techniques used on old carousel (gold leaf, cracks, etc.).

Of English origin, Jill has lived in the town of Gigors & Lozeron for twenty years.

Martin Sztajman (Crest)

Born in Nice in 1989, Martin Sztajman is a comic book author and freelance graphic designer, specializing in pixel art. After studying applied arts in Antibes, the graphic design in Lyon, he graduated from the school of fine art of Angoulême.

Martin participates in various magazines then publishes his first book Agencements with Fidèle, the publishing house he founded with three artist friends. Since then, he has published four of his publications to Cambourakis editions including Cinéma au carré and Super-héros & Cie.

Currently, he lives in Crest and juggles between his author and publisher projects.

Alex B (Crest)

Drômois since always, Alex B is a slef-taught. After receiving training as a contemporary art administrator and setting up exhibitions across Europe, he moved towards graphic design in the early 2000s.

He deepened his experience as a graphic designer and communication manager at the Théâtre les Aires in Die, then moved to be an independant graphic designer in 2004. Since then, he has devoted 95% of his creations to the cultural world and is very involved in events, as wall as in community life.

Yannis Frier & Bertrand Boulanger (Saillans)

Yannis Fier was born in Crest in 1977. Insatiable curious, he navigates between visual and sound practice : graphics, musical improvisation, installation, illustration… So many proposals that cross mediums, supports, aesthetics and approaches.

Bertrand Boulanger was born in Lille in 1969. Multifaceted artist, he creates puppets and sets for the theater, makes poetry as well as music and creates works of art brut.

Since 2017, they have joined forces in the Extravague project with Yannis in graphic design and Bertrand for the clever words.

Atelier Tout Va Bien (Dijon)

The Atelier Tout Va Bien is carried by Anna Chevance and Mathias Reynoird. They created their studio in 2011, out of their studies, during which they met.

In their creations, they do not seek to have a style of their own. On the contrary, they consider that their duty as graphic designers is to adapt their creativity to the specificity of the request. They thus apply themsleves to developing multiple scripts in order to put themselves at the service of meaning and generate concepts in perfect agreement with the nature of the message.

Brest Brest Brest (Crest)

Founded in 2009 and manged by Arnaud Jarsaillon, Loris Pernoux and Rémy Poncet, the Brest Brest Brest collective, shared between Crest and Paris, works in sectors dedicated to culture and arts.

In their work, this graphic designers apply themselves to move the glance, taking us by the hand to make a journey from one identified point to another ; towards a form of unknown where the unexpected is important. Whatever the nature of their productions, there is always a question of meeting between obviousness and quirkiness.

Jérôme Knebusch (Francfort)

Jérôme Knebusch is a Franco-German artist and designer born in 1978 in Heidelberg. Based in Frankfurt am Main, he works as a freelance graphic and character designer, mainly for artists and cultural institutions.

He has also organized and participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe as well as internationally. Jérôme teaches at ESA Metz and at the National Typographic Research Workshop in Nancy.

Finally in 2019, he founded Poem, an independent publishing initiative related to text, type and typography.

Claire Schvartz (Nantes)

Born in Brittany in 1984, Claire Schvartz is a graphic designer and illustrator. In recent years, she has devoted herself to youth illustration with, in particular, the release in 2014 of Fourmi Zombie and the series of Tapis.

She regularly collaborates with youth magazines and creates commissions illustrations for various field. In 2017, Claire signed her first work as an author and illustrator with Le gravillon de pavillon qui voulait voir la mer, published by Les fourmis rouges. Album for which she received in 2018 the revelation children’s literature prize awarded by the ADAGP (Society of Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Arts).

Système Sensible (Eurre)

Système Sensible is a graphic design studio based in Eurre, founded in 2013 by Charlotte Gauvin and Matthieu Meyer. Both graduates of the ÉSAD Grenoble-Valence in graphic design, they also specialized in typography at La Cambre (Brussels) and in design & research at the ÉSAD in Saint-Étienne.

They imagine various creation projects in the public and private domain, as well as workshops and free productions. Tehy were thus able to work for Éditions Adéra, the LUX national stage or the National French Center  for the Plastic Arts.

Matthew Tyson (Crest)

Matthew Tyson is an artist and artist book publisher, born in London in 1959. After studying at St Martin’s School of Art and Goldsmiths College in London, he quickly started his activity as an artist book publisher in creating the Imprints gallery in 1984. The gallery then moved to Piégros-la-Clastre in 1991, then Crest in 2014.

His works have been exhibited internationally and some are present in the collections of prestigious museums such as the Victor & Albert Museum in London, the MoMA in New York or the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Géraldine Alibeu (Crest)

Géraldine Alibeu has been an author and illustrator since 2001, following her studies in the illustration workshop of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. In her creations, she is mainly influenced by her practice of sketching and uses various techniques – collages, felt-tip pens, ceramics, textiles – giving her images strange perspectives, with distinct colors.

Géraldine has published several children’s albums, two of which have been awarded a prize: the Jean-Hugues Malineau prize for the album Poèmes pour mieux rêver ensemble in 2018 and the Poésie Lire et faire lire prize for the album La vie ne me fait pas peur in 2019.

Adrien M et Claire B (Crest)

Founded in 2011 by Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot, the company Adrien M & Claire B creates shows and installations at the crossroads of the visual and live arts.

Adrien M is a multidisciplinary artist, computer scientist and juggler; Claire B is a visual artist, from graphic design and scenography. Together, they question life and movement in its multiple resonances with graphic and digital creation. Their shows and installations place the body at the heart of images, and combine craftsmanship and digital devices, with the tailor-made development of computer tools.

Gregory Decock (Aouste-sur-Sye)

Grégory Decock was born in 1979, he lives and works in Crest. Graduated from La Cambre (Brussels), he has presented his work in many museums and galleries in Europe since 2006, including the Gutenberg Museum in Friborg, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Villeurbanne and the Imprints gallery in Crest.

His creations fit into the urban space, a very precise context, and seek to engage in a dialogue with their environment. In the public space, everyone can respond to the message or proposal he leave.

Marie Caudry (Pont-de-Barret)

Author and illustrator, Marie Caudry was born in 1978. She graduated from the school of fine arts of Bordeaux. After teaching visual arts for a few years, she has devoted herself since 2007 to illustration and creation of youth albums.

A dozen personal works have already been published by Albin Michel Jeunesse, Thierry Magnier, Seuil and Casterman, in addition to collective works and illustration commissions for albums, novels and the youth press.

EXHIBITION Winter 2020

# Ikats, fabrics of life

from saturday february 8th to sunday april 19th 2020

As any visual art piece, one should have the opportunity to visually experience the ikat, as well as enjoy the contact between oneself and the fibres. Indeed, as the ikat’s presence is remarkable, the fabric should be seen as a whole and in details in order to comprehend this specific dialogue between the neatness of the visual sign and the internal impulse the fabric holds.

The exhibition offers a large panoramic, in space as in time, from the Eastern world to the Western world, from the traditional societies to us. The ikat crafting and its cultural contexts are explained through video sequences created for this occasion. Panels present the key information on ikats and each culture, and photos conjure up the atmosphere of the crafting of ikats in different regions.

From Indonesia to Europe, including Uzbekistan, Iran and Japan, the exhibition Ikats, fabrics of life presents the collection of Monique and Rémy Prin, experts in ikat.

Curator and scenography: Monique & Rémy Prin

An exhibition offered by Parole & Patrimoine association

Winter 2020


# Guided tours by the exhibition curators

Saturday february 8th at 10 am, 11 am, 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm
Saturday april 19 at 4 pm

The exhibition curators, Monique and Rémy Prin, will share their passion for ikat through their exhibition, by making you travel from the East to the West, to discover the ancestral techniques of the first cultures.

Free access with the Centre d’art entrance ticket

# Spotlight Tour

Tous sundays at 4 pm, from february 16th to april 12th

Free access with the Centre d’art entrance ticket

# Conference by Mr. Rémy Prin

Sunday April 19 at 2.30 pm – School of Music and Dance, 59 Avenue Jean-Rabot

Exhibition curator Remy Prin will present a conference on the practice of ikat. A scientist by training, Mr. Prin is a collector but also creator of ikat; He writes on art, textiles and the myths of early societies.

# Group Tours

By reservation

The Centre d’art is eager to welcome private, school and community groups for tours or educational activites

More information and reservation at 04 75 76 61 38 or culture@mairie-crest.fr

# Introduction to weaving

By reservation

The Centre d’Art proposes an educational initiation to weaving

Workshop in groups of 5 to 8 people

Information and reservations at 04 75 76 61 38 or culture@mairie-crest.fr