EXHIBITION Winter 2020

# Ikats, fabrics of life

from saturday february 8th to sunday april 19th 2020

As any visual art piece, one should have the opportunity to visually experience the ikat, as well as enjoy the contact between oneself and the fibres. Indeed, as the ikat’s presence is remarkable, the fabric should be seen as a whole and in details in order to comprehend this specific dialogue between the neatness of the visual sign and the internal impulse the fabric holds.

The exhibition offers a large panoramic, in space as in time, from the Eastern world to the Western world, from the traditional societies to us. The ikat crafting and its cultural contexts are explained through video sequences created for this occasion. Panels present the key information on ikats and each culture, and photos conjure up the atmosphere of the crafting of ikats in different regions.

From Indonesia to Europe, including Uzbekistan, Iran and Japan, the exhibition Ikats, fabrics of life presents the collection of Monique and Rémy Prin, experts in ikat.

Curator and scenography: Monique & Rémy Prin

An exhibition offered by Parole & Patrimoine association

Winter 2020


# Guided tours by the exhibition curators

Saturday february 8th at 10 am, 11 am, 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm
Saturday april 19 at 4 pm

The exhibition curators, Monique and Rémy Prin, will share their passion for ikat through their exhibition, by making you travel from the East to the West, to discover the ancestral techniques of the first cultures.

Free access with the Centre d’art entrance ticket

# Spotlight Tour

Tous sundays at 4 pm, from february 16th to april 12th

Free access with the Centre d’art entrance ticket

# Conference by Mr. Rémy Prin

Sunday April 19 at 2.30 pm – School of Music and Dance, 59 Avenue Jean-Rabot

Exhibition curator Remy Prin will present a conference on the practice of ikat. A scientist by training, Mr. Prin is a collector but also creator of ikat; He writes on art, textiles and the myths of early societies.

# Group Tours

By reservation

The Centre d’art is eager to welcome private, school and community groups for tours or educational activites

More information and reservation at 04 75 76 61 38 or culture@mairie-crest.fr

# Introduction to weaving

By reservation

The Centre d’Art proposes an educational initiation to weaving

Workshop in groups of 5 to 8 people

Information and reservations at 04 75 76 61 38 or culture@mairie-crest.fr